Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Worship, Soccer, and Crowns

Today we went to a Special Needs home. We began with an intro from the pastor telling us about the home and where it has come since he first started taking kids in. During that time, the child sitting on Taylor's lap kept making me and her pet each other. It was distracting, but so adorable and funny. We then moved on to spend the whole day worshipping. Those kids really loved music. Specifically, a blind boy who was a little bit older and closer to our age loved to sing and even led a couple of songs. He had the loudest clap you have ever heard! Although it was difficult to see the troubles that these kids will be facing, it was sweet to see how much they loved to praise God. You could see how each child touched us who were helping as you looked around the room. Even though some of the kids didn't know what was going on, each kid had something that would bring a smile to their face: the bubbles, being held, the maracas, or just singing their hearts out. Everyone joined in and really came together, all we needed was God and a Guitar.

When arriving at the orphanage for disabled kids a blind boy was waiting to greet us at the door before we were even out of the tap taps. As we walked in other children were sticking out their hands and greeting us, Bonjour. The excitement the kids had as we walked in the door was amazing. I took one step in the door and a young boy who grabbed my hand and walked me over to a seat. He only had one eye, but he didn't take it off of me. Then we all started to sing glory to God in Creole to start out the fun. This little boy held my hands and led me in clapping and dancing. It was amazing how we could connect with the kids through song and dance. I especially felt a strong connection with him as we danced and sang. He was such a sweet and energetic boy. I was taken away by how generous the young boy was. We brought lotion to share with the kids and he took a little for himself and then continued to rub it all over my arms and face and other friends around. We also brought applesauce for the kids and this sweet boy ate some and then gave it to one of his friends before helping feed other kids. He made sure that all of his friends were taken care of and before himself, and being he lives the lifestyle he does it is truly amazing that he would put others first. I feel blessed to be able to spend part of my day with such a wonderful young boy. He picked me out the minute I walked in the door and we spent the whole time together. I enjoyed all the smiles, singing, and dancing we were able to share, and I especially won't forget the image of happiness that were able to bring to each and every one of the children we spent time with today.

This afternoon, we rode the tap taps to the history museum of Haiti as well as another orphanage.  At the museum, we learned about the development of Haiti, from its discovery by Christopher Columbus, to its Independence in 1804, to the current day.  We ran through 7 stations led by an amazing tour guide who discussed in-depth how Haiti has come to be.  In the last station, the tour guide showed us a golden enclosed crown.  This represents a single monarchy, where as an open crown represents a ruler but everyone is heard.  This ties in with our second event this afternoon, where we visited an orphanage full of kids ages 3 to 17.  One of the activities we organized was to create and decorate crowns for the little ones.  We thought this was very unique that these two things tied together.  We also played soccer with the older kids, setting up stones as goals, and playing 4 on 4.  These older kids are absolutely amazing at playing soccer, and so happened to "school" most of us.  They are so competitive!  You can see the passion they have when they play soccer, as it unites so many of the kids.  We are truly grateful to be able to have the chance to see, play, and have our hearts opened to a whole new world here in Haiti.  All of the children that we have gotten to interact with have the biggest hearts and smiles and we look forward to the events of tomorrow!

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  1. Keep up the fantastic work guys. The difference you are making today and tomorrow will last for a very long time!