Thursday, January 14, 2016

Haitian Angels

Today was a beautiful day as we traveled, toured, and served in the Titanyen area where Grace Village is located.  The students on our trip were excited to see and hear the stories of obedient hearts with our interns and Haitian staff throughout the day.

My word of the day this evening was ANGEL as God showed me some very special people who touched me in angelic ways.  My first little angel was my sweet sponsor child that I was not sure that I would run into during our Grace Village tour due to school being in session.  As we were preparing to leave one of the interns ran over and said she was coming out from lunch so we had a special minute to share a hug, small conversation, and photo.

Our team then had the opportunity to serve the elderly that are being supported by Healing Haiti and our last 90-year old lady we encountered was extremely sick today and not able to get up.  Her daughter said we could still come in to pray and sing for her.  As we entered her home, we came upon this incredibly beautifully frail "angel" dressed in a white slip lying on her side with her white hair flowing beside her.  It really looks like she may not have much time left here on this earth based on when I last saw her this past summer.  I was thinking of her life and all that she has had to experience in her 90 years in Haiti and what a glimpse it is compared to the eternity with our loving Father.  As we were nearing the end of our visit I whispered in her ear, "Jezi renmen ou", which means Jesus loves you.  The entire time we were there she had not moved and that moment with a slight smile she nodded her head "yes".  This special angel was at peace with where she was at and where she was going.

The 6 year anniversary of the Haiti earthquake this past Tuesday has been a somber experience.  We stopped at the mass grave where approximately 300,000 "angels" in heaven that weren't accounted for but whom God knows each so personally came into our thoughts and prayers for their families and loved ones still living.


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