Wednesday, April 10, 2013



Two months from today I have the privilege of heading back to Haiti with the amazing ministry of Healing Haiti!  Last years experience has changed my life, my faith, and my heart in so many ways.  I can’t even imagine what God has in store for this trip.

Last year our blog title was…”EP Mom’s and Son’s” as our trip was made up of 4 mom/son teams, team leaders, and some last minute Healing Haiti additions.   This year God has been in charge of the team make up and has put together a totally different and unique team.  We have a few EP mom’s, some EP boys (one who is now from Albuquerque), an EP daughter, some Minnetonka moms, a few Minnetonka daughters, and a mom from Brooklyn Park.  Whew!

It became obvious; our blog needed a new name!    Years ago, when I first met Alyn and Jeff, Alyn made some friendship bracelet kits for our Sunday School children to make and send to the kids in Haiti.  On the bracelet was a charm with the word “Zanmi” which means friend in Kreyol.  I came a across one of these kits the other day and decided it was the perfect name for our team blog.  Here’s why:

1.     On our trip last year, one of the boys (Jacob) used the word friendship for his “word of the day”.  He shared how amazing it was that at every turn on our trip you made an immediate new friend.  The kids at the orphanages were so glad to see you, the water truck stops were filled with new best buddies, the Haitian staff became your friends, and the kids near the guest house waited, looking for their new friends (us) to return home every afternoon.  Haiti was full of beautiful new friends that touched our hearts immediately!

2.     When people ask me what I am looking forward to most on this trip, my answer is that I am looking forward to  “what I have no idea will occur”.  What I mean by that is, the things that happened on our last trip that were the most powerful and meaningful were not things we planned for, or thought about, or expected….the most meaningful things were the ones that God planned and placed in our path or people we met that we had never even thought of before.  I am so excited to see what he will do with the friendships within our team (since many of us do not know one another well) and what He will do with the friendships we make along the way. 

3.     Finally, there is no way to go on this trip and not grow in your friendship with the Lord.  He is the one right by your side the whole time giving you strength, helping to make meaning of what you see, giving you His eyes, His hands and His feet to carry out the plan He has placed before you.  How blessed are we to come along side God and join Him in serving.

So dear Zanmi’s…thank you for joining in this journey and following our trip!  How blessed are we all to have the beautiful gift of friendships to share this journey of life!

~Marijo Ose