Monday, January 11, 2016


We have arrived in Haiti! It has been a long day of travel for us all and we are ready to sleep in the amazing guest house here. Everything is so colorful and the people here at the house have been very nice. For dinner we had some shepherds pie here at the guesthouse and snacked at the airport. Also at the airport we had the pleasure of meeting a man who actually is from Haiti. His name was Miracle. We felt like he was put in our path to teach us more about Haiti and he really had a lot of pride for his homeland. After dinner this evening we began preparing ourselves for our first serving day tomorrow! Team 1 will be going to do the water truck in Cite Soleil. Team 2 will be visiting the home of sick and dying babies. It will be very physically tasking for team 1 while team 2 will have an emotionally tasking day. Pray for us all as we embark on this journey. We are so blessed with your involvement in this and would not be anywhere without our friends and families.

Kayla Schmidt

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  1. Prayers are being said for your team as you head out on your first day. God Bless You!