Friday, January 15, 2016


This afternoon we traveled back into City Soleil for another water truck adventure. Our group felt a little more at ease going into this round. At our first stop, the kids seemed older and were thrilled to try some games with us. Members of our group were teaching the Macarena and karate moves, attempting magic tricks, and playing beauty salon. It is such a special feeling when you set a child down for a brief moment and upon your return to the group that same child runs straight back to your arms. I think each of us had our own little buddy that we held extra tight this afternoon. My special buddy was a boy about seven years old who seemed too big to pick up. When I finally caved and picked him up, he laid all his weight on me and seemed so at ease. He sang to me all afternoon. It is moments like these that make me feel so blessed to have this opportunity to serve these people and kids. They have given more back to me than I ever expected.

~ Megan

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