Friday, January 15, 2016


This morning we were up before sunrise. We were all asked to be dressed and ready to go to church at 5:45 am. As you can imagine, being college students, some of us were not excited about the early wake up call, but we all rose to the occasion. We walked into the church as the sun was rising and I was blown away by the energy that filled such a large building. I have never experienced people worshipping God the way they did. The Haitian people walked around the church with their hands reaching for the heavens as they prayed. One thing that struck many of us in the group is that the pastor asked everyone to pray for the people in Syria. It amazed us that this man who lives in a country filled with poverty can be so thankful for what he has and so loving to those who live so far away from him. The pastor ended his service saying "Today is going to be a good day." He repeated this statement countless times. The people of Haiti continue to blow me away by their smiles and their ability to love those around them. Their faith in God is unlike anything I have ever seen and we have so much that we can learn from them. They wake up everyday telling themselves that "today will be a good day," even in all of the suffering.

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